3D Embossed Frozen Multi-Utility / Pencil Box

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Short Description

Frozen Pencil Pouch

A perfect gift for girls.

Product Description

This Multi-Utility box has a Frozen 3D Embossed Print in lively colors. We assure the Quality of this product, finishing and style your children. They'll love to get one of this pretty case,  This is made of A-Grade Plastic and durable cloth material with 3D Embossed Design, buy it confidently, It has a 180 degree opening double zippers. Your child can organize stationery in a perfect way without any trouble, stainless steel zipper with an inner net to hold and organize small stationery items, this can also be used to store utility items as well, This box has a thin transparent lamination which gives it a scratch proof durability. It will fit easily in the children's bag and can fit a great amount of stationery etc.

General Information

Material - A-Grade Plastic and Cloth Material, Inner side Net

Type - 3D Embossed Multi-Utility / Pencil Box

Best Suitable For - Girls

Colors - Pink

Zipper - Double

Opening - 180 Degree

Packaging - Transparent Plastic Cover

Product Content The Frozen cartoon in 3D embossed print multi-utility pouch.
Height 4 cm
Length 9 cm
Width 21 cm
Colour Multicolours
Material A Grade Plastic
Care Do not put the heavyweight on the shell.

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