Delivery of the Products

Junio's MartTM, with its flawless logistics network, delivers orders very fast, without any inconvenience. Junio's MartTM is known among customers for its fast delivery services.

Customers may kindly note the following about our delivery services.

  • Shipping rates will be available to customers during the ordering process and these rates may vary depending on the size and nature of the order.
  • Junio's MartTM reserves the right to change the shipping rates, delivery method, and shipping provider at any point in time without prior notice.

Order Dispatch

  • Orders are normally dispatched the same day to 2 business days from the date of the confirmation of the order.
  • Junio's MartTM maintains a huge stock of products and we take every possible initiative to make the ordered items available to you. In case any product is not in our stock, we will make sure to inform you via email.

On Receiving Goods

  • On receiving the good, the customer shall immediately inspect the products for any damage.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the products you receive, kindly inform us as soon as possible.
  • Follow the return policy and procedure thereafter

Incorrect Addresses / Non Collected

We ask all customers to carefully check the address for the order. When placing an order, the Buyer must provide the correct shipping address and exact PIN code before making the final payment as a re-shipment fee will apply for re-shipping an order if it is returned due to incorrect addressing or non-collection.

Please note: Please note Junio's MartTM will not refund or resend orders which are delivered to the incorrect address and cannot be reclaimed if an incorrect address has been provided at checkout. Junio's MartTM would not be responsible for non/delayed delivery of the product if the Pin code is not correct. If the Buyer’s provided address is not serviceable by Junio's Junio's MartTM or the logistic service provider or the address is not in an area which is covered under the order confirmation form, then the Buyer needs to input an alternate shipping address which is serviceable by Junio's MartTM or the logistic service provider.

Junio's MartTM ensures that the ordered products are delivered as per the product specifications and descriptions provided by the manufacturers/Vendors as listed on the Website.

Please note: The delivery time provided for the purchased product is just an estimation of the dispatch time and is not guaranteed and should not be relied on as such. This should be understood that the products will not be delivered unless the Buyer makes the required payment for the purchased product(s).

Buyer is bound to take delivery of the purchased products that are free of any fault or damage (in a deliverable state). If the Buyer refuses or neglects to accept the delivery of the purchased products, the Buyer may be liable to Junio's MartTM for such non-acceptance on account of any fee or loss or any other charges. Buyer further acknowledges that such loss and damages to Junio's MartTM are not indirect or consequential.

Buyer is liable to inform Junio's MartTM if he does not receive the product within 7-10 days of placing the order. The order will be deemed as delivered otherwise.