Pigeon Silicon Pacifier - Step 3, Butterfly

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Short Description

Pigeon Silicone Pacifier

When the baby begins to eat solid foods, the process of opening and closing the mouth (mastication) to eat and swallow food is encouraged with the use of this pacifier/soother. Soother allows your baby to close lips naturally, thus helping baby to wean smoothly.

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Product Description

Has a unique shape which promotes nasal breathing for enhanced baby's well doing

BPA Free- Made from 0% BPA material

General Information

  • Silicone Pacifier Step 3 (for babies 8 months and above)
  • Pigeon oral development pacifier system promotes nasal breathing
  • Babies have a natural need to suck. Pacifiers satisfy their needs and soothe their emotions.
  • Pacifiers also help babies learn nasal breathing. When babies begin to wean and talk, they tend to breathe through their mouths.
  • Unlike the nose, the mouth is not able to filter or humidify the air, which means dust and infections can enter the mouth, affecting babies' immunity directly
  • Pacifiers thus promote natural nasal breathing, which helps to reduce the possibility of infection through mouth-breathing
  • Thin lip contact area promotes the healthy development of teeth
  • Perfectly fits the mouth of a teething baby
  • Snug-fitting shield conforms to international safety standards
  • Soft tip underneath and firm tip on top facilitates the baby's natural sucking reflex action
  • Activates the brain
  • Exudes a psychological stabilizing effect
  • Breather holes on the shield for safety
  • Protective hood for covering the nipple when not in use
Colours Yellow
Height 5 cm
Length 6 cm
Width 5 cm
Development Stage 8+ Months, Step 3
Material BPA Free
Safety Advice For your child safety, Do not tie the pacifier / soother around baby's neck as it presents a strangulation hazard.
In the event that the pacifier / soother becomes lodged in the mouth, DO NOT PANIC; It cannot be swallowed. The two holes in the pacifier / soother shield enable breathing without interruption. Remove form the mouth with care and as gently as possible.
Care Clean before each use.
If pacifier / soother is not use immediately after sterilization, always store in a dry, covered container.
Instructions of use Before first usage and for subsequent cleaning, immerse pacifier / soother in sterilizing solution or boiling water for 5 minutes and allow it to cool.
Remove any trapping water by shaking the pacifier / soother downwards repeatedly for 15 strokes.

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