Our Kids Become Screenager Instead of Teenager.

Our Kids Become Screenager Instead of Teenager.

In our life. We are parents are worried about our children habits of watching television, video games etc.

Our kids become "Screenager" means they spent their more time in front of screen. They love to watch love to play games on PC/laptops, tablets & mobiles. They always busy in watch television shows and cartoons series etc. Use of mobile, laptop and television is not wrong but if we use it in limits but kids are using it for long hours. Is is harmful for children brain development and physical growth too.

Now a days little kids like age of 9 months and above are fond of mobile. They eat only when they got the mobile screen in front of them while eating, even they can't fall asleep without it.

According to research only half an hour of watching television is sufficient for kids. The researchers found in their studies, that some toddlers aged 12 to 18 months were spending as much as five hours a day on screen devices. Using this much of screen devices cause dangerous health and other issues like obesity, aggression, rude & uncooperative behavior, developmental delays, kids are less social, their eye sight is poor, kids are not having their food properly because of less physical workout, their hunger or diet is also effected. The mail reason of these problems are only using time of screen devices.

This is the time to think seriously that What tabs and mobiles are doing to our children.

The basic complication is the modern approach that children need to be kept occupied and busy at all times. So giving a tablet or mobile to the child is a convenient way for parents to grab a few minutes for themselves.

Log Screen Time vs. Active Time: Tips to Reduce Screen Time

Start observe how much time your family spends in front of a screen, like Television, playing video games, and using the computer for something other than work. Then take a look at how much physical activity they get.

First of all we have to set an example instead or giving advice and we should reduce our own screen time.
Create a house rule that set screen time limits and more importantly, Implement the Rule.

Try to spent your time with kids, play with them, try to have dinner together and during this time don't use any electronic gadgets. Encourage the child to play indoor and outdoor games. Tell them to join some hobby classes.

Parents needs to train themselves to hold the boundaries.

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